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The world is presenting a great range of challenges to people’s financial situation. People are looking for ways to make money online to support their costs of living in an inflationary and COVID-19 world. As a result of such an environment, everyone needs to earn more than just their basic salary and most of us need to pay off our ever-growing credit debt.

While you may think this is not great for the economy, it’s now becoming a necessity for the working population to have additional sources of income. So, how can I make money fast at home? Our methods will enable you to earn almost up to £350 in total, if you use the tips presented in this article. 

Are you wondering what the best ways to make money online are? Let’s answer your question. This post will be constantly updated to continue with new ways to make money online, as we all know how fast-moving this Gig economy is! Therefore, we recommend that you check out BudgetFitter from time to time to keep up.

Cryptocurrency money apps for making money online

One of the most popular ways to make money online in recent years has been through cryptocurrency exchanges. However, many fear the legitimacy of making money through blockchain and cryptocurrency. Resulting in less traffic reaching the best Crypto brokers and apps. Therefore, applications using crypto money have become more generous to gain customers. 

The first piece of advice we offer will not be cryptocurrency investment recommendations, but rather a suggestion on how you can simply utilize these platforms without investing. Making this one of the best legitimate ways to make money. You can earn  bonus money just by signing up and verifying your account at the following cryptocurrency exchanges: 


Crypto.com, one of the world’s most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, gives you a £10 registration bonus when you sign up and verify your account via this link. With this money, you can earn even more by buying yourself a cryptocurrency.


Coinsmart, another world-famous platform, offers a 15 Euro registration bonus when you become a member via this link to verify your account. When you make your first investment after becoming a member, different rewards await you.


Binance, another successful cryptocurrency exchange that comes to mind when it comes to crypto money, gives you 100 USDT crypto money when you sign up via this link and make your first investment.

In addition to these exchanges, you can also earn by signing up for other crypto money applications in our article “The most profitable cryptocurrency applications“. In contrast to giving you money directly, the applications here give you the option to earn extra income by giving you gifts when you make your first crypto-money investment instead. If you are interested in investing, we highly recommend that you check out these platforms.

Survey sites for making money online

Popular with young people, filling out surveys is one of the best ways to make money online in 2022 as a teenager. You can earn money in foreign currencies by participating in surveys and earning money through these methods. To complete the tasks, you just need to respond to the questions! In addition, if you answer the questions asked to you consistently, otherwise known as a quality survey answer, the applications will offer you a higher income in the next survey they ask you. Perfect for students! These are some of the platforms where you can make money from surveys:

Yandex Toloka

It is one of the best apps where you can earn money by completing simple tasks. By signing up for Yandex Toloka via this link, you can evaluate the web page content or check the accuracy of a map on your way home or while walking outside. This app is probably the best solution if you want to make money fast. 


Toluna is a platform where you can earn money by completing simple surveys, but also various tasks. By subscribing to the application via this link, you can evaluate the content of a web page or verify the accuracy of a map while you are walking home.

Zap Surveys

When you register to Zap Surveys, which is one of the leading mobile applications where you can earn money by completing surveys, via this link, you will earn a welcome bonus of $ 6.25. You can also earn for each survey you fill out.

Poll Pay

Another reliable application where you can earn money by completing surveys is Poll Pay. When you become a member using the code 2NUCK942HC, the welcome bonus will be credited to your account. Earn money by completing other surveys from now on.

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Selling photos for making money online

You don’t need to have expensive cameras to make money from stock photography. Here are some services where you can earn money from the quality photos you take even with your mobile phone, so if you’re wondering “How can I make extra money in the UK”, your solution is as simple as photographing some cool places like Stonehenge in Somerset or Big Ben in London on your next visit:


By registering to WireStock through this link, instead of uploading photos to the most popular stock photo sites separately, you can upload photos to all of them at once and earn income from the sale of your photos in a short time and easily. This is one of the best ways to make money online.


You can also earn money by uploading your photos to the Shutterstock stock photography platform. Click here to open a publisher account and start earning.

Working as a freelancer for making money online

Freelance jobs have become more common after the development of the digital world. This is definitely one of the best solutions to how can I make money online easily. The facilitation of communication between the two parties also changed the course of freelance work. Now, many transactions can be done without coming together. With these applications, it is even possible for you to earn money by translating if you know the language, or even earn money by doing other people’s homework! 


Another Freelance job search platform, Fiverr, you can find customers by becoming a member of the platform, and if you’re lucky, you can start making money right away. The Fiverr platform is perfectly organised to optimise your skills and is probably one of the best legitimate ways to make money. 


You can earn a high income by doing freelance work through the Freelancer site. If you become a member via this link, you can earn a £15 gift on your first job.

People Per Hour

Another application that takes the lead when it comes to freelance jobs is People Per Hour. You can start doing business by creating a profile on this website. 

Registering to mobile applications for making money online

Most of our previous methods were a bit of a hassle, but this option is one of the best hassle-free online ways to earn. Here are some money-saving apps: 

Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards turns your debit card into a loyalty card, so your daily shopping gives you money that you can use on your mobile bill. Click here to register and earn a welcome gift. There are no hidden fees or codes, just shop and earn rewards. With these rewards, you can pay your phone bill later.

Costa Coffee

By joining Costa Coffee‘s mobile application through this link, you can win a gift of coffee. We want to remind you that you can earn more reward points while you use the app and more free coffee.

Cafe Nero

You can also get a free coffee when you register for Cafe Nero‘s mobile application through this link. You’ll get points for using the application as well as free coffee.


HumanForest is a bike-sharing app that has a vision for the future of affordable mobility services which support the environment. When you register use 3kcN9yk9 invitation code to earn a 20-minute gift ride.


We know that travelling to Europe is a dream come true, but if you ever decide to go, you can become a member of the Omio application with the invitation code on this page and earn a train ticket worth 10 Pound for each friend you invite.


HelloFresh offers a selection of healthy, fresh, and regional foods that are delivered to the customer’s door. Use HS-R57GOI4IQ promo code and sign up through this link to claim a £42 discount at HelloFresh.

Uber Eats

When you sign up for Uber Eats, one of the most popular applications for food ordering, by receiving the friend invitation code from this page, you earn a gift balance.


When you sign up for Getir with the RLAMZEV invitation code via this link, you will earn 10 GBP. Get your needs delivered in minutes.


If you sign up with the FO349650 invitation code via this link, Gorillas, another fast market ordering application, gives you a 5 GBP gift.


Use this invite code X-5ZJJ2BI when registering Subway Rewards® mobile app and receive 200 bonus points on your first order.


Use Fever to see what your city has to offer and get £5.00 off on your first event with the invite code on this page.

Free Now

Free Now, a taxi, bicycle, and scooter service combined into one app, gives you free minutes for joining with this invitation code i0xzoiu7h through this link.


Get £15 driving credit when you join Zipcar through this link! As a member of the free Zipcar app, you can find cars and vans in your neighbourhood and across the globe—and reserve and unlock them

Scooter Apps

You can earn free rides and save money by signing up for the first time for e-scooter applications that we have covered in BudgetFitter such as Lime, Tier, Dott

Overseas Money Transfer methods for making money online

At the beginning of the applications that make money, there are mobile applications that you can transfer money abroad. The Wise  (formerly Transferwise) we just mentioned was already one of them. With money transfer applications, it is possible to earn money by transferring money abroad. Since each application has its own specific conditions, we would like to list them separately below.


With the friend invitation system, it contains, Wise gives £50 worth of reward money to your 3 friend invitations. In other words, you first become a member of Wise through this link and open a bank account for yourself, and then you invite 3 of your friends to the system. You can ask these friends to send money from their bank accounts to your bank account that you just opened via Wise. After 3 successful money transfers, Wise adds a gift balance of £50 to your account.


The second leader of money transfer applications is TransferGO. This time, when you invite friends, you earn a gift of £20 every time your invited friend sends money. In other words, you can earn money at once without waiting for 3 of your friends to become members like Wise. For this, all you have to do is click here to become a member of TransferGO with the “BudgetFitter” friend invitation code and invite your friends to the application. Then you can ask your friend to transfer money to your overseas bank account that you just opened via Wise and you can earn £20.

The second leader of money transfer applications is TransferGO. This time, when you invite friends, you earn a gift of £20 every time you’re invited friend sends money. In other words, you can earn money at once without waiting for 3 of your friends to become members like Wise. For this, all you have to do is click here to become a member of TransferGO with the “BudgetFitter” friend invitation code and invite your friends to the application. Then you can ask your friend to transfer money to your overseas bank account that you just opened via Wise and you can earn £20.

By the way, almost all the best international money transfer apps now make money by invitation of friends in this way. To discover other applications, we recommend that you take a look at our detailed explanation here: The best international money transfer applications. 

Earn money easily by opening a bank account

Another method is to earn money by opening a bank account for yourself. With the domestic and foreign examples we will provide, you can earn a reward balance by opening a simple bank account instantly. This is one of the most simple solutions if your wondering how to make money online in the UK.  


Still haven’t signed up for PayPal? Here is your chance. Registering via this link will load a welcome balance of 10 GBP into your account.


Revolut, which is another method of opening an international bank account; After opening a bank account for yourself with the winning invitation link on the Revolut page in BudgetFitter, you can earn a gift of 50 pounds for each friend you invite to the system.


Curve combines your credit, debit and loyalty cards in the next-generation money super app. Using this link that earns while becoming a member of the Curve application

Making money online by creating a blog site

Another way to make money online is to make money by writing a blog. Since this topic is quite long, we invite you to another article where we explain this topic in detail. How to open a blog from scratch, is it still worth opening, which platform to use, how much money should I deposit, how can I earn money, and how can I open a Google Adsense account, you can read our article on opening a blog and making money.

Making money by selling second-hand items

This is our last suggestion about ways to make money online. Do not think of this method as just selling your items in your home. Now you can “resale” a recent trend. For example, you can buy a product produced by a famous brand in limited numbers and then make a profit by putting these products on sale.

Applications such as eBay, Shpock, Vinted, Depop, Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor are leading in the sale of second-hand goods. Really there are endless ways to make money online! 

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