The Best Smart Speakers for Home with Full Alexa, Google and Siri Support

One of the pieces of technology that is quite essential for the 21st-century man is the smart speakers for the home. We are in the days fast-paced time; 24 hours are not enough for us.  While people are trying to keep everything up in their life; technology is running to their help.

Technological devices that people could not imagine in the past are quite indispensable today, like the smart speaker for home. If you are wondering what is a smart speaker used for; this content is for you.

Smart speakers for home are products that you can both listen to music and control your devices with commands. What can a smart speaker do? Not only a Bluetooth speaker but also a wireless smart speaker, with these devices you can do numerous things. Without the need to press a button; you can change the song with just a few words.

This home audio system product also has an artificial intelligence system that allows you to give commands. The AI system is integrated with your speaker; through a virtual assistant, the device can give you some information such as the news. weather, traffic conditions, recipes, etc. A smart speaker for home can also help you to control your home automation systems; it can raise the temperature, change the channel on the TV or turn the lights on.

There are different models of smart speakers for home in the market. These speakers are including different artificial intelligence systems. We can list these systems as follows:

  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Siri
  • Amazon Alexa

Among these different smart speakers for home on the market, it seems a bit difficult to find the best smart speakers for you. If you can’t decide which speaker is best for home, we share the best smart speakers with you to help you to decide. 

Apple Homepod and Apple Homepod Mini

Apple Homepod Mini - Photo: Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash
Apple Homepod Mini – Photo: Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

Released in 2017, the Apple Homepod smart speakers for home is not only a Bluetooth & Wireless smart speaker but also a virtual assistant. Firstly produced two different models as Homepod and Homepod Mini, Apple now only produces Homepod Mini. The Apple Homepod uses Siri as a virtual assistant and it is activated with the “Hey Siri” command. With Siri, you can control your smart home systems besides listening to music. With Apple Homepod, you can follow the news, weather, and traffic information; set reminders and timers, send messages, make phone calls, and find your iPhone and other Apple devices.

We can say that the most significant point that distinguishes Apple Homepod from other smart speakers for home is its sound quality. Apple promises a good sound quality that can cover the entire room, even other rooms with his Homepod. In addition, with its hardware containing 6 microphones, Apple Homepod allows Siri to detect commands even if you play music at the highest volume.

Apple Homepod also provides high-level security. Unless you activate Siri with a command, your Homepod could not listen to your voice. In addition, your conversations with Siri are stored anonymously and encrypted on Apple servers.

Although it was originally produced in two versions, Apple now produces and sells only the Homepod Mini, not the Homepod. With the HomePod Mini, Apple combines many of the qualities of the HomePod in a smaller design.

Apple Homepod is not on sale today as it is no longer produced. Apple is currently focusing on the Homepod Mini model. It is possible to buy “Homepod Mini” from many sellers. We recommend that you check out the current Technology deals on BudgetFitter before purchasing.

Google Nest Audio and Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini - Photo: Charlesdeluvio / Unsplash
Google Nest Mini – Photo: Charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

Released in various sizes and designs, Google smart speakers use Google Assistant as a virtual assistant. Google Nest smart home speakers, which are seen as equivalent to Amazon’s Echo series, are the main product of Google’s speaker series.

Google Nest Audio model which was renewed and designed with recycled materials. Supporting all functions of Google Assistant, Google Nest Audio have also machine learning systems to improve sound quality and increase the ability to respond to commands.

The most noticeable difference between Google Nest Audio and Google Nest Mini speakers is the prices of the products. Google Nest Mini smart speakers for home prices are cheaper when compared to Nest Audio prices. Google Nest Mini is the smallest design of smart speakers for home produced by Google. The Nest Mini-series combines most of the qualities of the Nest Audio series in a smaller design. Thanks to its compact design, the Nest Mini can be wall-mounted and can be used in many places. Google Nest Mini also has all the features of Google Assistant. Besides listening to music, and watching movies and TV shows; You can control your smart home systems with Google Nest Mini.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker - Photo: Jonas Jacobsson / Unsplash
Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker – Photo: Jonas Jacobsson / Unsplash

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker may be the best for you if you are looking for an affordable smart speaker. Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker prefers Google Assistant in the products released in the global market. In China, Xiaomi uses his virtual assistant, Xiao AI. With this speaker, you can follow the weather and news as well as listen to music. In addition, if you have smart home systems, by integrating them with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker, you can control the system with voice commands. Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker takes action with the command “OK Google”. Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker can be found in several stores. 

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker - Photo: Rahul Chakraborty / Unsplash
Amazon Echo Smart Speaker – Photo: Rahul Chakraborty / Unsplash

Echo Dot and Echo Studio Smart Speaker with Alexa are the two preferred models of Amazon. Echo Dot draws attention with its powerful sound quality, compact design, and affordable price. Although smaller and more affordable, Amazon Echo Dot has the same qualities as most other models. You can connect your Amazon Echo Dot to your devices via Bluetooth or cable. With the Amazon Echo Dot, you can listen to music, make phone calls, integrate with smart home systems, and manage them with voice commands.

Amazon Echo Studio is a superior model compared to Echo Dot. Echo Studio, which has a strong sound quality with its 5 separate speakers, can be paired with many music platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. Unlike other brands, Amazon Echo Studio is also compatible with Dolby Atmos technology.

Sonos Wireless Smart Speaker

Sonos Wireless Smart Speaker - Photo: Alex Ghizila / Unsplash
Sonos Wireless Smart Speaker – Photo: Alex Ghizila / Unsplash

Sonos Wireless Smart Speaker is controlled by both Alexa and Google Assistant. With Sonos smart speaker, you can listen to the news, the weather forecast, traffic information, etc. Sonos Wireless Smart Speaker may be the best smart speaker for Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and TuneIn. You can also control your smart home speaker with Sonos’s application Sonos Controller. Unlike other devices, you can also use Sonos Wireless Smart Speaker with Apple AirPlay and Apple Music.

There are different models of Sonos Wireless Speaker. The two most preferred models are Sonos One and Sonos Roam. The Sonos One is controlled by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Sonos One has big storage and a fast processor. With Sonos One, you can listen to music; control your devices and smart home systems with voice commands.

Another bestselling Sonos Wireless Smart Speaker is the Sonos Roam model. The Sonos Roam smart speaker for home has similar qualities to the Sonos One model but addedly it draws attention with 10-hour battery life. The Sonos Roam model has a small and portable design. Sonos Roam smart speakers for home are dust and water-resistant. You can find various Sonos speakers in many sellers.

Bose Smart Speaker

Bose Smart Speaker - Photo: Dean Ricciardi / Unsplash
Bose Smart Speaker – Photo: Dean Ricciardi / Unsplash

The Bose Smart Speaker is Alexa-powered. Like other smart speakers for home, the Bose Home Speaker lets you to listen and control your music, as well as control smart home systems. You can connect your speaker to music apps like Spotify, and Amazon Music. Besides, with the app called Bose Music, the speaker can personalize your listening experience. With Alexa, the virtual assistant of the speaker, you can access much information such as weather conditions and news. 

Unlike the other speakers we mentioned above, the Bose Smart Speaker reflects the sound from the walls through the two drivers positioned on both sides, so allows you to get stereo sound with a single speaker.

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