The Best Ancestry DNA Test for Ethnicity: Find Out Your Relatives Easily 🧬

You may be interested in identifying your race with a DNA test for ethnicity and genealogy in order to find your more distant relatives or determine your true origin. If this sounds interesting, let us tell you how you can do it in the UK.

If you wish to discover your British origins and where you originated from, there is only one thing you need to do: take a test from any best ancestry DNA test UK providers such as MyHeritage DNA, Ancestry DNA Kit and Living DNA.

With a DNA test for ethnicity, your DNA is examined using a saliva sample taken from your inner cheek, without the need for needles or blood draws. By comparing DNA samples from around the world with your own, it tells you where your ancestors came from by identifying your race.

This simple DNA test for ethnicity also allows you to find out if you’re at risk of contracting a genetic disease. Visit the NHS website for more information.

In this article, we will tell you how to order a DNA ancestry test UK based on our own experience and how to get your DNA test for ethnicity and race detection results. To do so, you must first order your kit for delivery to your home.

A Family Tree DNA test for ethnicity typically costs around £35 if an active deal exists. Plus, you do not have to pay for shipping when ordering more than one kit, which the service mails worldwide, including to the UK.

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When you order a test kit, this is how the box arrives at your home:

Myheritage Dna Test Kit Sample
Myheritage Dna Test Kit Sample

When you open the box, you’ll find a sampling stick and tube similar to what we’re used to from COVID-19 tests. You need to take a saliva sample by rubbing the stick on your inner cheek. You just need to place the stick in the tube and close it. That’s all you need to do for race detection with a DNA test for ethnicity!

In the next step, you are going to need to pack it according to the instructions included in the incoming box and send it to the DNA testing service back. As soon as your saliva samples arrive in a laboratory, they go through a number of incubation processes, which results in a very impressive result report within a month. Let’s look at what this report contains now.

You will get a report containing percentages that indicate where you are from and where your race originated. As an example, I would like to talk about my own ancestry DNA results by MyHeritage. According to the results of the test, I was 58.6% West Asian. The density is centred in Greece‘s Attica region and Turkey‘s Black Sea region.

It was always told to me that we came from a large family that migrated from a region located on the border of Greece, but we did not have any data to back that up. Thanks to this DNA test for ethnicity, I know exactly where we came from now 🙂

Myheritage Dna Test Kit Results
Myheritage Dna Test Kit Results

With the test results, a world map is created, as shown above. Using this map, you’ll be able to identify which regions your relatives reside in most often. Now let’s look at the main benefit of DNA test for ethnicity.

These services also helps you locate close or distant relatives around the world based on your DNA results. Upon registering the service, you are given access to a panel. This panel matches you with people who have done a race test previously and whose results are most similar to yours.

You can message them and talk about your family history there. So far, I have had the opportunity to meet my distant relatives from many countries, mostly Germany. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for socializing and opening up to the world.

If that sounds plausible to you, we strongly recommend you have your race determined by a DNA test for ethnicity. Since BudgetFitter partners with thousands of brands around the world, including My Heritage DNA test, we strongly recommend you check whether there is a discount code, promo code or deal on our site. This will enable you to purchase your test kit at discounted prices. By doing so, you can increase your profits on DNA test prices.

By the way! BudgetFitter allows individuals to save more money by letting them spend less on what they love and helping them save more money by using our discount codes, vouchers, coupons, deals, and money-saving tips. Browse our website for special discounts and the latest deals, follow us on social media, or sign up for our newsletter.

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