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Visit Wembley Stadium, London's world-famous home to football and other events. Get an exclusive Wembley Stadium Tour discount code to save on tour prices.
Wembley Stadium Tour Discount Code Visit Wembley Stadium, London's world-famous home to football and other events. Get an exclusive Wembley Stadium Tour discount code to save on tour prices.
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Enjoy an unforgettable experience on Wembley Stadium Tours with Tickets from £22pp

The Wembley Stadium Mini Tour lets you soak in the atmosphere of the stadium. However, this tour won't include the Mixed Zone, Press Conference Room, Dressing Rooms or access to Pitchside due to preparations for an upcoming event.

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Visiting iconic stadiums is always a thrilling experience for sports fans. And few iconic stadiums can match Wembley Stadium. But let’s face it: stadium tours can be expensive, especially on a tight budget. This is where the Wembley Stadium Tour discount code comes in handy. With these codes, you can save money on your stadium tour and experience Wembley magic without breaking the bank.

About Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is known for its striking arch, a widely recognized symbol of London and the UK. The arch was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and inspired by Wembley Stadium’s Roman triumphal arch. The arch spans 133 meters and is the world’s longest single-span roof structure.

Inside the stadium, visitors are greeted with state-of-the-art facilities that ensure an unforgettable experience. The stadium boasts comfortable seating, multiple TV screens, and high-quality sound systems. Moreover, the stadium has a retractable roof, which can be opened or closed as needed, allowing events in any weather.

Over the years, Wembley Stadium has played numerous notable events, including the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final. This is one of the most famous matches in football history, where England beat West Germany to win their first World Cup trophy. The stadium has also hosted other significant sporting events, such as the UEFA Champions League Final, FA Cup Final, Rugby World Cup, and boxing matches. It has also hosted several high-profile concerts featuring some of the biggest names in music, such as Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, and The Rolling Stones.

Wembley Stadium has recently undergone extensive renovations and expansions to accommodate larger crowds and improve the overall fan experience. These renovations included adding new seats, constructing a state-of-the-art pitch, and improving facilities for spectators and players alike. This ensures that Wembley Stadium continues to be one of the most impressive football stadiums in the world.

Overview of the Wembley Stadium Tours

Wembley stadium tours take you behind the scenes of this historic venue, giving you access to areas usually off-limits to the public.

The tour starts with a visit to the Royal Box. Here, you can sit in the same seats as royal family members and other VIPs. You’ll also see the players’ tunnel, where teams enter and exit the field. In addition, you’ll see the press conference room, where coaches and players answer media questions.

One of the tour’s highlights is a visit to the Wembley arch. This stands 133 meters tall and is one of the most recognizable features of the stadium. You’ll also see the England changing room, where the national team prepares for matches. You’ll also see the pitchside dugouts, where coaches and subs sit during games.

The tour lasts approximately 75 minutes and is available in several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. It’s an excellent way to experience the history and tradition of one of the world’s most famous stadiums.

Benefits of Wembley Stadium Tours

If you’re a sports enthusiast looking to experience the history and tradition of one of the world’s most iconic stadiums, Wembley Stadium guided tours are an absolute must. The Wembley Stadium tour offers visitors the chance to explore typically off-limits areas and gain insight into the stadium’s past, the teams that have played there, and the events that have taken place over the years.

Wembley Stadium is more than just a sports venue; it symbolises British culture and history. A Wembley Stadium mini tour lets visitors learn about the stadium’s history. This includes the teams that have played there and the events that have occurred over the years. This knowledge can help visitors better appreciate the stadium and comprehend its significance to those who call it home.

During a Wembley Stadium tour experience, visitors explore areas usually off-limits to the public. This may include the locker rooms, the press box, the field, and even the tunnels where players enter and exit the field. By exploring these areas, you’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the stadium and understand what comes into preparing for a game or event.

Watching a game or an event from the stands is one thing, but observing Wembley Stadium from a different perspective can be a whole new experience. A Wembley Football Stadium tour allows visitors to view the stadium from various angles and heights. This provides a fresh appreciation of the venue’s architecture and design. They may even see London views they wouldn’t see from the stands.

How to Get Wembley Stadium Tour Discount Codes

Getting a Wembley Stadium Tour discount code is easy. The best way to find one is to search BudgetFitter for Wembley Stadium Tour deals and promotions. We often have deals that can save you up to 50% off the regular price of London Wembley Stadium tour tickets.

Another way to get a Wembley Stadium tour promotion code is to sign up for the Wembley Stadium newsletter. The newsletter often includes special promotions, offers, and Wembley Stadium tour promo codes for Wembley Stadium Tours London. You can sign up for the newsletter on the Wembley Stadium website.

Finally, you can check with your hotel or travel agent if they offer discounts or promotions on stadium tours. Some hotels and travel agents have partnerships with Wembley Stadium and may be able to provide discounts on Wembley Stadium tour ticket prices.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Wembley Stadium Tour

To get the most out of your tour of Wembley Stadium, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Dress Comfortably: The stadium tour involves a lot of walking and standing, so it’s essential to dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that allow you to move around quickly. The tour also takes place outdoors, so be prepared for the weather.
  • Bring a Camera: There are plenty of photo opportunities during the stadium tour, so bring a camera or smartphone to capture memories. You’ll want to take pictures of the iconic features of the stadium, as well as the areas usually off-limits to the public.
  • Arrive Early: To ensure ample time to explore the stadium and enjoy all the sights and sounds, arrive early for your tour. This will also give you time to pick up souvenirs or snacks before the tour begins.
  • Ask Questions: The tour guides are knowledgeable and passionate about Wembley Stadium, so ask questions. They’ll happily answer your questions and share their insights and knowledge of the stadium.


With its rich history and iconic architecture, Wembley Stadium symbolises football and sporting excellence. It hosts major sporting events and concerts, attracting fans worldwide. With its state-of-the-art facilities and iconic arch, Wembley Stadium remains a leading sports and entertainment venue.

With a Wembley Stadium Tour discount code, you can save on the Wembley stadium tour prices and get a behind-the-scenes look at this historic venue. Whether you’re a sports fan or appreciate magnificent architecture and design, a Wembley Stadium VIP tour is a must-see attraction. So, what are you waiting for? Book Wembley Stadium Tour today and discover Wembley Stadium’s magic for yourself.

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