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Friend Invitation Code That Gives You Free Rides When You Become A Member On Voi Scooter
Friend invitation code that gives you free rides when you become a member on Voi Scooter

What is Voi Scooters?

The Voi app lets you hire an e-scooter from anywhere in the city with just a tap of your phone, and you’ll be able to reach almost any location within minutes. Urban dwellers are now able to move around freely and conveniently without compromising too much on the environment as a result of this new way of doing things in cities. You can find the latest Voi promo code, Voi discount code and the latest money-saving deals right here to get Voi’s first ride free!

The perfect way to travel and explore a new city, or simply check out your hometown from a different perspective, is by riding an electric Voi scooter instead of taking the metro, bus, or car. It’s as efficient as it is stylish and leaves no carbon footprint.

Whenever you need a Voi scooter, just open the app and scan the QR code on the handlebar to unlock it. You can then enjoy the ride and arrive at your destination in no time. If you want to end your ride in the app, tap Park and End ride.

It is possible to pay any time you like or get a Voi Pass to enjoy 45-minute rides for any time you want, whether 24 hours, 30 days or even longer. Prices vary from city to city and may change without notice, but you can find current prices in your area by signing into the app.

Make sure that you know the rules of the road before riding a scooter. Keep to the bike lanes and stay off pavements. Stay away from the curbs on side streets. Be sure to wear a helmet to keep your head safe and never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Oh, and don’t twin-ride. There should only be one person per scooter at a time.

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