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Get £5 Off With The Motatos Discount Code - Up To 60% Off On Groceries And Household Essentials At Motatos.
Get £5 off with the Motatos discount code - Up to 60% off on groceries and household essentials at Motatos.

Shopping online with MOTATOS can be a rewarding experience if you know how to make the most of their discount codes. Discover how you can unlock incredible savings on your purchases, from cupboards to drinks, so you can save money while treating yourself or a loved one.

What is Motatos?

Motatos is a specialised online grocery store offering up to 60% off a range of groceries and household essentials. You can find the latest Motatos discount code and the latest money-saving deals here!

Motatos is a Swedish company formed in 2013 by three friends from Sweden named Erik, Kalle, and Uffe. They were able to see how a great deal of good food was being thrown away for no reason at all. Meanwhile, the world had begun to engage in serious conversations about the climate issue at the same time.

The decision to not throw away perfectly good food was not only a brilliant one, but it was also extremely important for the planet. With the help of a simple tool they found online, Erik and his two friends realised they were onto something big and as soon as they realised that they were onto something big, they started an e-commerce platform in their basement.

Many perfectly good foods are wasted around the world unnecessarily because they are not being used. It may be a can of tomatoes, the last cup of coffee in the brewer, or pasta that is past its expiration date. Their goal is to ensure that good, flawless food is eaten, and not thrown away after it has been prepared.

In the long run, we would like to eliminate food waste and waste in general. One can dream, can’t they? We sometimes have to sell foods with past best-before dates in order to accomplish this, but they don’t sell food that is bad or inedible. They guarantee it.

Eventually, they spent hours packing boxes, and orders began to grow at a pace. In no time, they had created a worldwide movement. Price hunters and climate heroes from all parts of the world were interested in joining. Had the revolution begun?

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