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Take advantage of this exclusive deal with the Human Forest promo code. Get £10 off your first e-bike ride and start experiencing the thrill!
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Get a £10 free e-bike ride @Forest (Formerly: HumanForest)

A cleaner, healthier and happier world is possible, one pedal at a time. 10 minutes free riding, every day, for every user.

Use this invite code to save: XZgynRUM (New Customers)
LONDON (Existing Customers)
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Have you been wanting to try Human Forest’s electric bikes? Now you can for less with this exclusive deal – use the Human Forest promo code and get £10 off your first ride! Get ready to experience the thrill of an e-bike for a discounted rate.

What is HumanForest?

Forest (Formerly: HumanForest) is the first all-electric bike-sharing service in the UK. It is incredibly convenient and accessible – you can easily find a bike near you, unlock it with the app, and enjoy your thrilling ride! With e-bike rentals from Human Forest, you’ll experience an unforgettable journey full of comfort, convenience and engaging new experiences. Plus, with this exclusive promo code, you get £10 off your first ride and claim human forest free minutes!

Human Forest is the perfect mode of transport for both work and leisure trips, as users can easily find bikes all around London. Plus, given that it is an environmentally conscious company and one of the only e-bike sharing services in the UK, you’ll be helping reduce your carbon footprint. To make your journey even more convenient, Human Forest offers a variety of safety measures to ensure comfortable and secure rides. Plus, you get to enjoy incredible rates when signing up with our exclusive promo code! So what are you waiting for – start exploring now with Human Forest!

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With Human Forest’s new system, you can unlock a bike simply by scanning the QR code with your phone or entering in the six-digit access code. If a bike isn’t available in your area, you can reserve one and schedule when it is to be ready. Once you reach your destination, just leave the e-bike at one of our drop-off hubs located around London. What’s more, Human Forest also offers free helmets and reflective gear for added safety precautions. When signing up for Human Forest with our exclusive promo code, you will get several rides at low rates – all so you enjoy hassle-free access to sustainable transportation!

Founded in 2019, Human Forest is the leading e-bike-sharing system in London. The company offers an effective and eco-friendly way of getting around town by providing easy access to high-end electric bikes lining various streets and landmarks. Their app supports Apple Pay or bank cards, so you can pay conveniently regardless of the destination. Human Forest also provides real-time information about bike availability, potential routes, and much more — all for free! Take advantage of our exclusive code for your first few rides at reduced costs, knowing your journey will help further reduce carbon emissions.

Create an Account on Human Forest App.

To redeem your exclusive £10 discount, create an account on the Human Forest App. It’s easy and free – just enter a few pieces of personal information to get started. Once you’ve entered the Human Forest promo code, you will be ready to take advantage of the offer and start enjoying your first discounted e-bike ride!

How to Use Human Forest App?

This app will allow you to locate e-bikes in your vicinity using the map within it, and the QR code will unlock them for your use once you have scanned them. This e-bike will be unlocked so you can start reforesting after you have unlocked it. You can complete your ride by sliding the “End” button within the App.

If you are using a Human Forest promo code, simply enter the code in the “promo code” section in the payment menu. This will automatically reduce your rate so you can enjoy discounts while reforesting with Human Forest. The Human Forest app also has additional features to unlock rechargeable batteries and water bottles so you can stay hydrated and powered on longer trips. Be sure to also check out their rewards program for additional savings opportunities on your rides!

Enter the Promo Code while Signing Up

When creating your Human Forest account, make sure to enter the exclusive promo code to redeem £10 off your first e-bike ride. The code must be inputted before you complete your registration or the offer won’t be valid. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you will receive confirmation of the offer and can start planning your discounted e-bike ride immediately!

Enjoy Your £10 Free E-bike Ride!

With the Human Forest promo code, you can enjoy £10 off your first e-bike ride. This offer is an exclusive deal – you’ll have to enter the code on the sign-up page before completing your registration or you won’t be able to redeem it. Start planning your ride and experience the thrill of taking a journey through forests and riverscapes with a powerful electric bike at your disposal!

Take Full Advantage of the Human Forest Connects Program and Earn Rewards

Human Forest Connects is an exclusive rewards program that allows you to save money on your e-bike rides, earn discounts, and even receive cash back on rides. All you have to do is connect your account with the Human Forest app and start earning points! You can redeem these points for cash back or discounts on future rides – so get riding to start seeing the savings pile up.

After you connect your Human Forest account with the app, the rest is simple – just look for special promotions, like cashback offers and free rides when you meet certain criteria, and your points will start adding up. Sign up today to start taking full advantage of the Human Forest Connects program and start earning rewards on your e-bike rides.

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