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25% discount on service fee with Glocalzone invite code

Glocalzone is a platform that connects shoppers who want to buy products from abroad and travellers who want to make a profit.

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What is Glocalzone?

Glocalzone is a platform that aims to bring together those who wish to buy goods from overseas and those who desire to make money by travelling abroad. Whether you’re interested in buying items from all over the world or earning while travelling, you can! You can find the latest Glocalzone invite code and the latest money-saving deals right here!

You can request the products you want from passengers all over the world without worrying about security, or you can bring the items you want and earn money while travelling anywhere in the world!

You will be able to easily communicate with trusted travellers through the new matching system, and the secure payment system of Glocalzone will ensure that your shopping experience is completely safe and secure. Then you will be able to receive your products, confirm the order in the app, and your payment will be transferred to the passenger!

If you are going to travel soon, you can make the most out of your trip with confidence by matching the orders that suit you best, and earning money as you travel. Purchase Any Product From Anywhere in The World! Glocalzone travellers are ready to accept your product requests from Amazon, eBay, Apple and more.

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You can choose from a wide range of items, place your order, and pay with a secure payment system. With Glocalzone, you will be able to shop online safely and quickly, even if you are requesting products that are located overseas.

Here are some steps you can take to buy overseas products: 1. Find the product, choose the one you want, and create an order. 2. You will be instantly matched with travellers. Make the payment, agree with the passenger on the details of the order, set the delivery method, and receive and confirm the order. This much!

Your payment is only transferred to the passenger once you receive and confirm the order. Until then, your money stays in your Glocalzone Secure Account and you earn money while travelling.

You can earn money while travelling! Glocalzone has thousands of shoppers looking for overseas products who are looking forward to your trip. Your travels can be turned into income with confidence when you use Glocalzone. You can earn more income while you travel while travelling more while you earn.

1. Add your trip as soon as you make your itinerary. 2. Match your orders and start talking to shoppers. 3. Agree on the order details and passenger reward, then confirm the order. As soon as the customer has completed the payment process, wait for the order to be confirmed, then purchase the requested items securely. 5. Once the items have been purchased, set a delivery method for the order. 6. After you have delivered the order, withdraw the earnings.


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