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Get the DUSK app to save money on pubs, bars and restaurants! Use our DUSK referral code to get a free drink!
Dusk Referral Code Get the DUSK app to save money on pubs, bars and restaurants! Use our DUSK referral code to get a free drink!
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For free drinks at pubs and bars across the UK, enter referral code on the DUSK app + earn 500 points

Find the best bars in your city and plan the perfect night out with our curated guides. Get free drinks and unlock rewards every time you explore with DUSK.

Use this invite code to save: FATIH-F1F5
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You can find a hidden gem in the bustling cities of the UK, like London, where the night comes alive with endless possibilities. Dusk, the revolutionary app making waves in the UK nightlife scene, lets you drink delicious concoctions at no charge. Here, we’ll explore Dusk’s features and benefits and how to get free drinks with the exclusive Dusk referral code.

Introducing Dusk App

The vibrant energy of UK nightlife meets cutting-edge technology at Dusk. The Dusk app lets you find bars, clubs, and free drinks in your city, then get rewarded simply for going out to them. Every time you spend at cool bars around town, you’ll get DUSK points if you link your card to Dusk.

This free drink app lets you find various venues, browse their drink menus, and even make reservations. No more aimlessly wandering the streets looking for the perfect spot – Dusk puts the power of choice in your hands.

Dusk also features live updates and user reviews, so you can make sure you pick the right spot. Plus, you can save money with exclusive discounts and offers.

From your first free drink to where it’s open late, get your perfect night out plan curated by local nightlife experts.

Get Free drinks with the Dusk App

Using the Dusk referral code, you can unlock a world of complimentary drinks that will make your night out memorable. Imagine enjoying your favourite cocktails, wines, or craft beers for free. Some establishments offer Dusk members free drinks. This is whether it’s a refreshing mojito, a sophisticated glass of champagne, or a bold whiskey on the rocks.

You can get free drinks all over the UK: Dusk London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Brighton, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Cambridge, Oxford, Cardiff, Sheffield, Bath, Exeter, Norwich, Bournemouth, Hull, York, and more.

Here’s how to use the Dusk referral code

You can use the Dusk referral code easily. Download the Dusk app from your smartphone app store, sign up with the Dusk referral code, and you’re ready. Even if you’ve already registered, you still get points. Once you’re in, you can enter our Dusk referral code in the “Enter Promo Code” section and earn free points.

Discovering Dusk’s Partner Venues

With Dusk, you’ll always find the right venue wherever you go. Dusk’s partner venues offer a diverse range of experiences. This includes trendy rooftop bars with panoramic views and cosy speakeasies hidden in hidden corners of the city. You’ll find a lively atmosphere for dancing the night away or a quiet spot for intimate conversations at Dusk.


The Dusk app revolutionizes exploring and enjoying the UK’s pub scene in a city known for its vibrant nightlife. Dusk gives you delicious drinks and unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank with the app and Dusk app promo code. Enjoy Dusk, unlock your drink for free and make your nights in the UK even more memorable.

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