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Get £10 Cashback After You Have Spent Your First £150 With Currensea Travel Money Card
Get £10 cashback after you have spent your first £150 with Currensea Travel Money Card

What is Currensea?

Currensea is a layer that sits between your bank account and your current account which saves you a minimum of 85% on every transaction you make, gives you extra security, and makes your current account work harder. You can find the latest Currensea promo code, Currensea referral code and the latest money-saving deals here!

The Essential plan allows you to access the best rates at only 0.5% over the FX base rate, allowing you to save an average of 85% compared to the Standard plan. It is possible to save 100% on each transaction if you decide to sign up for their Premium or Elite plans, which save you 0% on each transaction.

In the case of a single-family trip to Florida, for example, you can save more than £120 by comparing the new bank card with your existing one when comparing your existing bank card.

By integrating Currensea with your existing bank account, you will be able to save money more easily. You will not need to make a prepayment, top-up, or open a new bank account to make the purchase.

In addition to encrypting your current bank account, Currensea makes your bank work a little harder to protect your account. All transactions are protected by the Mastercard Chargeback Protection program.

Every time you spend with Currensea, you are automatically planting trees or removing ocean plastic from the ocean, and we waste 2.5 times as much plastic than we produce.

There is a likelihood that over eight trees will be planted for every £1 saved, or that 100 ocean-bound plastics will be recovered for every £1 saved.

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