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Discover the ultimate home salon experience with ANSWR! Transform your hair with their at-home keratin treatment and achieve smooth, radiant skin with their innovative exfoliating hair removal tool. Embrace convenience and self-care with ANSWR's beauty solutions. Shop now and unlock your true beauty potential!

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What is ANSWR?

ANSWR is a home salon beauty brand on a mission to empower women to take ownership of their beauty routines by empowering them to be their own experts. This will enable them to make the most of their time at home. You can find the latest ANSWR discount code and the latest money-saving deals here!

ANSWR’s mission is to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of salon treatments by bringing a variety of convenient at-home alternatives designed by customers based on their personal experiences. It provides women with products that are essential to forming a self-care routine that helps them to express themselves freely. 

This product was initially launched in 2019 as Owow, and it was designed to rival expensive salon alternatives with the first ever at-home keratin treatment to come to the market, which has now taken the world by storm. Having been on the market for two years, with a large amount of feedback and hundreds of thousands of happy customers, they understood that there was more to this than just a simple wow experience. At that point, the entire brand was redefined.  

It is common for all of them to continually look for ways to improve their appearance as well as their self-esteem. Many of us seek professional help, but why should someone else tell us what to do when only you know what it is necessary to do? It is necessary for you to be your own expert because you know what you are doing. ANSWR was born as a result of that realization in April 2022 when Owow was transformed into ANSWR.

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A vital part of ANSWR’s product development is always the voice of its real customers – ANSWR’s customers – as it drives product development in a socially responsible manner.


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