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Get Discounts on the Best Language Learning Apps

Are you looking for the best language learning apps to improve your skills, but overwhelmed by the choice? Check them out with our promo codes.
Get Discounts on the Best Language Learning Apps Are you looking for the best language learning apps to improve your skills, but overwhelmed by the choice? Check them out with our promo codes.
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Are you looking to improve your language skills but overwhelmed by language-learning apps? If so, cheers! Since I’m not a native English speaker, I also had this issue. I compiled this content by testing several of the best language-learning apps for 2024.

This will help you narrow down your search and find the best language-learning app to fit your needs. The apps include interactive lessons, personalized learning plans, and real-time feedback from native speakers.

Additionally, I included discounts on the best apps for language learning you have probably heard of. Because we work directly with these apps, you don’t have to look elsewhere for the cheapest deals. Learn how to unlock your linguistic potential, no matter how advanced you are.

Whether you’re an immigrant or passionate about expanding your world, these apps are for you. Embrace innovative language learning without boring textbooks!


Busuu Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 1

I bet you know Busuu. This fantastic free language app makes learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Arabic easy. Busuu lets you connect with native language speakers to exchange languages. With a Busuu discount code, you can save on premium plans that offer interactive courses, personalized feedback, and more.

Through compact lessons and a community feature, Busuu lets learners practice pronunciation, gain cultural insights, and language exchanges. Busuu offers language courses in many languages, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice, to build a solid foundation and achieve tangible results.

To keep the learning experience relevant and exciting, the platform incorporates real-life scenarios and engaging exercises to allow learners to study at their own pace. Learners can also receive feedback from 120 million native speakers on their written or spoken exercises from Busuu accounts.

It offers two membership plans – free trial and premium. Premium learners are seven times more likely to finish a language course with spaced repetition and a highly effective learning technique. They also have advanced grammar lessons, an offline mode, official certificates, and priority feedback from fluent speakers.


Italki Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 2

iTalki is one of the most popular language-learning apps for learning languages online. You can connect with native speakers who will give you personalized language courses. With over 130 languages, you will find something you like.

You can pick a teacher based on your language goals, budget, and when you’re free. Not only that, but you can also practice speaking with other community members. To make learning languages more affordable, Italki also offers italki promo codes.

Besides personalized one-on-one lessons, Italki offers online group classes led by experts. With this platform, you can learn a new language at your own pace, with one-on-one lessons that fit your schedule. You’re connected to millions of people who are passionate about learning.

Thanks to online lessons from qualified teachers and an extensive selection of resources, Italki makes learning languages easy. Italki has a diverse pool of experienced teachers specialising in teaching at different levels. You can check other profiles, read reviews, and schedule trial lessons.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 3

You know what’s cool? Rosetta Stone. This app helps you learn the language immersively. You can choose from over 13 languages to learn, and it uses pictures, audio, and text to help you remember words. This app is also excellent because you can practice your speech with speech recognition.

It gives learners practical language skills from day one. The program offers bite-sized lessons and an immersive environment to learn in. It has 4.8 stars on the App Store and a user-friendly interface. You can practice pronunciation and speech recognition on the go with Rosetta Stone’s mobile app. It’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed, too.

Rosetta Stone is famous among individuals and highly regarded by educational institutions, public and non-profit organizations, and corporations. Over 22,000 academic institutions, 9,000 non-profits, and 12,000 companies use Rosetta Stone. You can also get deals on foreign language learning tools. Look for special offers to get the best deal.

Rosetta Stone Learning has three membership plans to suit different learning needs and preferences, including a 1-3 month, lifetime, and 12-month subscription.


Babbel Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 4

Babbel is an excellent alternative to the best app to learn a language that helps you learn different languages! You can learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish. The app teaches you how to speak like a pro in real-life situations. So, you practice your conversation skills. They also have grammar and word usage lessons to help you improve overall.

You can take live online language classes with expert teachers and interactive classes with Babbel. Babbel’s teaching method combines interactive lessons, practical vocabulary, and real-life conversations to speed up language learning. You can start meaningful conversations in your chosen language within three weeks.

Babbel’s unique features include Babbel Live, where you talk in groups with world-class teachers and get feedback. With Babbel Live, you can learn a new language at your own pace and set goals. Over 40 hours of live classes are available at every level.

Babbel offers two subscription options: an app-only subscription or an app + live classes subscription. They both let you take unlimited live online language classes.


Memrise Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 5

Memrise is one of the excellent language study apps that uses spaced repetition. This makes words and phrases stick in your brain better. Aside from the over 100 languages you can choose from, you can also practice through videos and games. Plus, there’s a whole community of people learning foreign languages, so you can chat with them and practice speaking like a boss.

In addition to personalized learning plans, Memrise’s language-learning app has interactive grammar lessons, vocabulary drills, and real-life practice exercises. Memrise tailors your learning experience according to your level and reasons for learning. You’ll learn to talk with native speakers with videos and practice with MemBot.

Its audio, visuals, and mnemonic techniques enhance your learning experience. They ensure that you can learn words relevant to your life by watching videos based on your interests. Use the exclusive Memrise discount code for a lifetime discount on Memrise Pro.

Besides a free plan, Memrise has a premium version too. Free version gives you access to 23 languages of official courses. Plus, you can get personalized review plans. There’s an ad-free experience, offline learning, chatbots for interactive practice, advanced grammar exercises, and offline learning with Memrise Pro.


Lingoda Language App Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 6

Lingoda is best application for language learning online. Thanks to its live classes taught by native-speaking teachers from the real world, you can learn English, German, French, or Spanish. Save on Lingoda course fees with Lingoda promo codes, and get extra tutors or free trials.

There are courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and you can schedule classes whenever you want. The best part is you can talk to the teacher and other students in live Zoom classes, so you can practice speaking, improve your pronunciation, and get more comfortable.

To maximize your learning, Language Sprint provides feedback from native-speaking teachers. Lingoda’s Language Sprint program lets you get custom feedback on your mistakes during live Zoom classes.

You’ll get to experience a wide range of accents and ways of speaking thanks to Lingoda’s extensive network of over 1,600 international teachers. You’ll gain skills in understanding and communicating with people from all over the world through this exposure.


Preply Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 7

Preply is an excellent online language learning platform for language learners with features including academic tutoring, business English, languages, music, and lots more. You can learn different languages from qualified tutors online. You can also save money with Preply promo codes.

Preply has over 30,000 tutors and over 1 million students so that you can find the perfect tutor. With Preply, you can customize your learning experience to fit your goals and advance steadily towards your language or skill mastery goals. Your tutor will take you through your first lesson and help you start.

Students love Preply’s user-friendly interface and interactive learning materials, which make it a good choice for learners of all levels. Before selecting a tutor, browse their profiles, read their reviews, and assess their expertise.


Mondly Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 8

Mondly is unlike any other language learning program out there. It has virtual reality features that make learning a new language fun and engaging. Mondly is an innovative platform that makes learning languages easy and fun for everyone. It uses advanced technology to adapt to your individual learning needs.

You can use Mondly’s various tools and features, like Mondly Kids, Mondly AR, and Mondly VR, or A specialized version called Mondly by Pearson for Business designed for companies looking to improve their employees’ language skills.

Over 1,000 languages can be combined with Mondly so that learners can learn from their native tongue. 41 real conversations help you get fluent, and you can use grammar features and conjugation tables to get a good start.

Mondly has 36 vocabulary builders and quick, daily lessons designed to fit your busy schedule and help you slowly improve your language skills. With Mondly, you can subscribe to language programs for one or twelve months, with various pricing options.

Duolingo (Suitable for Only Beginners)

Duolingo Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 9

Duolingo is a free app that offers language learning in multiple languages, making it feel like a game. You can learn over 30 languages and use cool stuff like audio, pictures, and text to practice. They also have grammar lessons and a dictionary to help you understand the language. In other words, it is one of the best free language learning apps for beginners.

Duolingo has a user-friendly interface, gamified lessons, and interactive exercises that make learning fun and engaging. You’ll stay engaged in your language learning process with the app’s game-like features, fun challenges, and reminders from Duo the Owl.

Besides helping kids learn to read and write in their native languages, Duolingo’s English test uses the latest assessment science and artificial intelligence to assess your English skills.

Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 10

Elsa Speak is an excellent app that helps you learn English and sound like a native English speaker. This app enables you to practice speaking and get feedback. You can also watch videos and play games to make learning and fun easier. Please take advantage of the free trial and give it a try.

A study showed that Elsa Speak online effectively improved English speaking skills. With just 27 hours of studying, you’d be as good as an ESL speaking course at an American university.

Elsa Speak uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback on your pronunciation and intonation. It provides tailored lessons tailored to your needs, making it a personalized language-learning experience. An interactive language challenge can be addressed in the Elsa app, which offers feedback on pronunciation, intonation, and fluency based on specific language challenges.

Novakid (Suitable for Children)

Novakid Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 11

Novakid is this fabulous online thing where kids aged 4-12 can learn English. You can have live classes with teachers who speak English like it’s their mother tongue. They also have fun videos and games to improve your language.

With Novakid’s teaching method, you start with simple concepts and gradually increase complexity as you progress, ensuring that the learning process is tailored to your child’s needs and produces results. English-speaking specialists designed Novakid to meet the unique needs of young learners, aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Novakid’s game account makes learning English fun and interactive. Kids can choose avatars, complete home tasks, earn certificates, and collect stars while monitored and adjusted. You can go with standard or fluent English lessons with certified teachers.

The company also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and special discounts for multiple enrollments. Make the most of this experience by using the exclusive Novakid discount code!

Learn Laugh Speak

Learn Laugh Speak Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 12

Have you heard about Learn Laugh Speak? This app is great for kids who want to learn a new language. With various courses, expert instructors, and interactive learning materials, Learn Laugh Speak has you covered.

Getting better at English can be done by enrolling in their courses and reading their English blogs in the library. This company’s based in Australia, but it’s dedicated to Latin America. There are over 30 countries where they have students.

The training program is designed to help your team communicate confidently and clearly in English. It also identifies your weak areas and generates additional coursework for you to advance quickly. You’ll be able to communicate clearly and confidently in any situation with Learn Laugh Speak’s English language courses.

Grammarly (Bonus)

Grammarly Cover
Get Discounts On The Best Language Learning Apps 13

Grammarly isn’t precisely a language-learning app, but it can help you improve your writing skills. Grammarly can spot grammar and spelling mistakes and make your sentences sound better. It’s a preferred choice for students and professionals alike. There’s a Grammarly plagiarism checker and seamless integration with popular platforms, so it suits all writers.

In addition to integrating with Microsoft Word and Chrome, Grammarly offers desktop and mobile apps, browser extensions, and a mobile keyboard. On Android and iOS, the mobile keyboard and iPad app also let you write flawlessly.

There are paid plans for individuals, businesses, and institutions at Grammarly. With these plans, you’ll get Grammarly’s Premium features, citation support, plagiarism detection, and team-specific features with enterprise-grade security measures for your business.

It helps people of all skill levels improve their writing and communication skills. From students to professionals, Grammarly has helped them improve their writing skills. You can use it anywhere you write, including in emails and social media.

If you ask my opinion,

I think it’s crucial that you don’t get bored when learning a language. That’s why apps like Memrise and Elsa Speak have gaming features that make them enjoyable.

However, motivation is also significant. Push notifications on your phone that tell you to study may not motivate you. You’ll be more likely to attend class if you schedule an appointment with a real teacher. Preply, Lingoda, and italki are good options in this regard.

If you can go with something more expensive, check out Babbel and Rosetta Stone. If you want something more immersive, try taking a local language class. You’ll get to practice with native speakers and improve your skills faster.

Of course, these apps aren’t the only solution. You can find many trainers on YouTube who make language-learning videos. For example, Irish Polyglot Benny Lewis is one of the best teachers I’ve seen. You can also listen to language learning podcasts or buy one of the popular language learning book series.

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